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  • Master of Organizational Leadership
  • Certified Master Coach Practitioner™
  • Master Level Certificate in Organizational Management
  • Master Level Certificate in Organizational Leadership
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Marketing and Economics
  • Certified Real Colors® Facilitator
  • Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner
  • Achieve Global® Leadership and Customer Service Certified Trainer

About Eric

eric-aboutEric Myers, founder and CEO of Myers Business Diagnostics and Solutions LLC, is a Certified Master Coach Practitioner, organizational development consultant, sales strategist and trainer. Eric understands the psychology of success and for over 20 years has been helping leaders develop and execute strategies that result in sustained performance improvement.

Prior to creating Myers Business Diagnostics and Solutions LLC, Eric was a successful national corporate sales representative in the highly competitive catalog printing industry. He was a national road warrior, who was personally responsible for cold calling, developing and acquiring highly sought after contracts that totaled over $100 million in new business. Eric’s success was largely attributed to his ability to develop relationships with senior leaders at organizations in a variety of industries.

Eric created Myers Business Diagnostics and Solutions LLC in 2001 to provide effective solutions for senior leaders and their organizations with a new and unique immersion consulting, training and coaching approach. Eric immerses himself into projects so that he can thoroughly understand and diagnose every unique situation. He then creates a totally customized, on-point solution that provides measurable results. This immersion approach has proven to result in successful strategy creation, program execution and improved performance. The level of immersion is based on each situation and this is customized based on the unique needs of each organization or individual. The level of immersion may be as small as coaching one leader, a one-day training workshop or a very targeted consulting project. Examples of larger immersion projects have included initiatives such as a multi-year team dynamics process, managing a manufacturing business as Interim Vice President and transforming an entire organization’s culture over many years.

Regardless of the size of the project, Eric’s immersion approach and commitment to success never waivers and his strategies work. Many of Eric’s new partnerships begin with a very targeted focus such as individual coaching, a small organizational development project or classroom training. As a result of incremental success, Eric is often privileged to see client partnerships grow and continue for many years. He builds his partnerships on mutual trust and is able to help solve critical and sensitive issues with proven success. His clients often honor him by describing him as an extension of their senior team. This is often the result of his continued success when senior leaders and board of directors have called upon him to solve sensitive issues that are critical to the on-going operation of their business.

Eric has been an advisor and consultant to business owners, senior managers and board members, where his recommendations have been implemented with great success. Eric has participated in many new ventures, business expansions, opportunity assessments, new market penetration strategies and program executions.

Eric has proven effective in working with small and medium size businesses, as well as large organizations such as Meredith Corporation and Wells Fargo Bank. Eric has partnered with successful leaders in various industries, including banks, manufacturing businesses, service industries, wholesalers, printing businesses, distributors, casinos and non-profit organizations.

Eric pursues with great passion the continued mastering of leadership, communication, sales and other advancement techniques that result in successful improvement programs. He continues to challenge himself to complete education and certifications that provide added knowledge and expertise that will offer added value to his clients. The combination of corporate experience, completion of consulting projects as CEO of Myers Business Diagnostics and Solutions and on-going education result in great depth when creating performance improvement strategy.

Eric is a highly sought-after speaker as an industry expert for organizations such as The American Society for Training and Development and The Society for Human Resource Management.

He authored a marketing strategy column for Graphic Impressions magazine for The Printing Industry of the Midlands and a column titled Performance Insights, which was published by The American Society for Training and Development.

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