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Sales Solutions

As a national corporate sales representative in the highly competitive printing industry, Eric Myers was a national road warrior who was personally responsible for prospecting, developing and acquiring highly sought after contracts that totaled over $100 million in new business.

There are fundamental truths about selling that Eric learned and executed during his sales career. As a Certified Master Coach, Organizational Development Consultant and Trainer, Eric has been incorporating those techniques into successful strategy programs for his clients since 2001. Eric understands the psychology of selling and understands how to create and execute sales strategies that provide results.

The MBDS approach to sales strategy development and execution is based on an immersion philosophy. The MBDS immersion methodology is based on the idea that consistently increasing knowledge and practicing new skills with an experienced sales strategy specialist will help you achieve greater performance. This results in creative, totally customized programs based on an in-depth familiarity with each individual and organization.

You may be struggling to overcome a sales challenge or want to improve upon your success. The MBDS immersion approach can help you create a path for you to achieve a higher level of sales success. This unique approach produces incremental change throughout the process and creates a strategy for sustainable change.

The MBDS immersion sales strategy approach often includes coaching, organizational consulting and training as part of the overall strategy. The focus is on providing individual and group strategy development that moves the entire sales group forward through a process that includes:

  • Understanding each unique situation for the organization or individual.
  • Creating a strategic plan that includes new and unique creative ideas designed to improve sales performance.
  • Providing the tools for businesses to succeed with the new sales strategy through consulting, training and coaching.
  • Assisting with the full execution of the program.
  • Monitoring of results.
  • On-going support of the new strategy.

To find out more about the MBDS immersion sales strategy process, contact Eric Myers at 563-340-7600 or eric@myersbds.com.

For details about each of the key areas included in the strategy process, visit:

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