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“I first became aware of Eric by reading his interesting column in Printing Impressions magazine. I reached out to Eric and proposed the possibility of me retaining his services.

I retained Eric’s services for consulting on marketing strategy development, sales training and providing me leadership coaching. Eric performed these tasks extraordinarily well. Soon after Eric came on board other issues occurred that were critical to the ongoing operations of the company. Eric’s capable advice and counsel on these matters prompted me to ask him to assume the responsibilities of Acting Vice President of Business Development and Marketing so he could effectively implement solutions with direct leadership authority that is often not available in a purely consulting role.

Eric proved to be an exceptional leader and performed for us far beyond our expectations. He demonstrates extraordinary business savvy, information gathering, an eye for opportunity and the ability to develop creative solutions.

I personally relied on Eric on a daily basis to provide advice and coaching regarding the limitations in my leadership ability. Eric’s insights helped me greatly improve my ability to lead my company.

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Eric further demonstrated exceptional ability for establishing productive client relationships that resulted in significant sales growth. Eric was personally responsible for attaining highly sought after contracts with clients that we had tried unsuccessfully for years to acquire.

I worked with Eric during a very troubling time for my company. I am very appreciative that Eric was able to help solve our many cultural, personnel, leadership, sales and profitability challenges. This was a demanding and complicated task that Eric handled superbly, enhancing positive attributes and having the fortitude to face unpleasant situations directly and effectively.

Engaging Eric’s services was a positive turning point in my company and I will always be appreciative of the help he provided me personally and his counsel that directed my company to a positive and productive position. Eric led us into a new era of success that I attribute almost solely to Eric’s leadership talent, insight and determination for helping us triumph over our challenges.

Eric is the most highly skilled listener and problem solver that I have worked with in my many years in business. I commend Eric for his effectiveness, highly recommend Eric and I am convinced that he can make a significant contribution to any company’s success.”

| Jerry Miller, Owner, Acme Printing Company |

“I am writing to thank you for the valuable speaking, training, coaching and consulting services you have provided for my company over the past few years. The communication speech that you provided recently was very on-point and relevant to the challenges in today’s marketplace. I was pleased I was able to personally attend and I was again impressed with your talent for engaging my employees in an entertaining way, while still providing solid content that they can implement into their daily performance improvement plans. While the group was informed that they were attending a “communication speech” and was familiar with your personal style from previous speeches, your arrival in your motorcycle riding outfit and welcoming the group to “Motorcycle Awareness”, complete with a motorcycle sound reverberating through speakers, was a moment I won’t soon forget! What a fun way to make a point on how our expectations don’t always match up with what is being communicated. Since attending the speech, I have noticed my employees have improved how they are communicating in emails, letters, body language, tone and their overall demeanor. This was another great success in our long-standing partnership that I believe will have a lasting affect on our team’s performance!

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I was reflecting on the 6-month sales training program and one-on-one coaching that you provided for my sales staff. Your willingness to truly understand our company culture, customers, sales goals and challenges….and then customizing the curriculum to meet our unique needs made all the difference with this successful program. It was obvious from the beginning that you have a solid understanding of business, current market trends and sales techniques! Your extensive sales experience helped connect with my sales team in the workshop and coaching sessions at a deeper level than the typical speaker, trainer or coach and made a positive impact on our overall sales effectiveness.

I believe your ability to share interesting and relevant stories about your business and sales career is one of your most valuable talents that inspires attendees and makes your programs successful. I also find it refreshing to work with someone who is an expert in various topics instead of having to call in multiple sources to cover different topic areas. I think this continuity impacts the long-term effectiveness of our performance initiatives.

Thanks for being a valued partner and friend to me, and my company, Iowa-Des Moines Supply.”

| Bill Weidmaier, President, Iowa-Des Moines Supply |

“I would highly recommend Eric Myers as an organizational development consultant and management/executive coach. Eric has worked with Medical Associates in various capacities over the prior two years. He has individually coached several management employees for personal and role development, and has “professionalized and polished” members of our team. He works seamlessly as a member of our extended team. He is ethical and discreet. Eric has helped us get people ‘into the right chairs’. He has accelerated development of management and executive skill sets, effectively trained various teams on communication, teamwork, and conflict management, and has increased our management team’s effectiveness, communication, and organizational results. Eric has the confidence and trust of our executive management team, and me personally. I would give Eric my highest unqualified endorsement.”

| Brian Schatz, Chief Operating Officer, Medical Associates Clinic, P.C. |

“Among hundreds of upper-echelon consultants and coaches I have trained and worked with, Eric Myers stands out as the most unique. Rather than following a cookie-cutter model, Eric uses his vast experience and knowledge to diagnose exactly what the client needs. His solutions work because he knows what he is doing. The backlog of clients waiting to work with him is a testament to the fact that he is in it to benefit clients, period. I recommend Eric without reservation.”

| Sherry Prindle, Certified Master Coach Trainer, Certified Coaches Federation |

“I’ve known Eric Myers for 17 years. We first met when Eric was a printing sales representative. I immediately enjoyed how passionate Eric was for the service he was providing, and his willingness to go directly to the decision maker and talk about the value he could bring to them. Truly, watching Eric sell is one of the main reasons why I entered the sales force for Meredith Print Advantage. I realized that people like to work with people they like. More recently, I had the opportunity to attend one of Eric’s sales seminars. I knew it would be a unique opportunity when he walked into the room wearing leather from head to toe, and sported reflective shades and a head band. His goal was to show people how first impressions are very important. If you are in sales, or manage a sales team, I would recommend having Eric spend time with your team. His commitment to excellence and vast experience in the sales arena would be of great benefit to your organization.”

| Mike Conlon, National Sales Director, Meredith Print Advantage |

Eric has been working with the Sinsinawa Dominicans since June, 2014. He has assisted us with various projects. The results have been outstanding. The projects he has been involved in include team building with our management team, improved communication skills with our management team, executive coaching with our COO, and a 360 process on several key executives.

I have found Eric to be open to my ideas and we have been able to get excellent results. If you would like to discuss any of these projects in greater detail, please let me know. I would be glad to do so.

| Ray Hess, Human Resource Director, Sinsinawa Dominicans |

Eric was very consultative throughout the development process. He was always very concerned about meeting our needs with a quality product that was specific and relevant. He was a pleasure to work with. Eric has an excellent personality for training. He is able to create a comfortable environment while maintaining full participation at all times.

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He demonstrated time and time again he can work well under extreme time limitations and demanding schedules. Eric is skilled, not only in a classroom environment, but with execution and follow up, as he worked with our staff to formulate individual plans for their development.

I would happily recommend Eric to any client interested in improving performance and adding value to their company. He was great to work with and made invaluable contributions to our team.”

| Norah Hammond, Senior Director of Professional Development, National Systems Contractor’s Association |

“I serve on the the TRIHRA (Tri-State Human Resources Association) Program Committee of Dubuque, IA. We are responsible for providing quality, certified education to local HR professionals. We recently asked Eric to moderate a panel discussion entitled, “What Does the C-Suite Really Think of HR?”. He did a fantastic job of engaging both the audience (comprised primarily of HR professionals) and panelists (senior level executives from local organizations). If your organization is looking to hire a business consultant that can effectively communicate with all levels of your organization then Eric is your man!”

| Aaron Viertel, President, MedOne Healtcare Systems |

“Eric Myers facilitated an extensive Leadership Development training program for our company called “Leadership and Supervisory Techniques”. The training was for all of our site leadership and supervision. The training was well facilitated and well received by our team. Eric has a knack for making the training interesting and getting all parties involved. There were demonstrated takeaways from the manager’s day-to-day jobs that have improved our overall process.

Throughout the training I received positive feedback from the attendees, and a desire to roll the training out to additional team members. We would definitely bring Eric back in for additional training and recommend him to anyone interested in training their employees.”

| Blake Good, Manager, Human Resources, Bemis-Clysar |

“Eric was instrumental in developing a leadership training program for my mid sized hydraulic manufacturing management staff. This program was specifically tailored for each individual, department, and needs of my business. The result of this leadership training was not only measured by specific business metrics like operational productivity, employee turnover, profitability but also office professionalism and overall improved morale.”

| Scott Bower, Plant Manger, Husco International |

“Eric Myers is terrific at finding solutions to problems! Our team has enjoyed partnering with Eric to address the training and development needs of individuals, small groups, and large groups, and I am pleased to report that we eagerly anticipate continuing this habit in the future. Eric is not only efficient and extraordinarily competent, he is also extremely approachable and fun to be around. Eric is the consummate professional who absolutely models the practices he preaches. If you are searching for an individual/enterprise development professional who approaches both relationships and projects with integrity, discretion, patience, and compassion . . . consider your mission accomplished!”

| Seth Gilbert, Program Manager, Northeast Iowa Community College|

“Eric has been working with the Sinsinawa Dominicans since June 2014. He has assisted us with various projects. The results have been outstanding. The projects he has been involved in include team building with our management team, improved communication skills with our management team, executive coaching with our COO, and a 360 process on several key executives.

I have found Eric to be open to my ideas and we have been able to get excellent results. If you would like to discuss any of these projects in greater detail, please let me know. I would be glad to so.”

| Ray Hess, Human Resource Director, Sinsinawa Dominicans, Inc.|

“Eric really makes the Real Colors program come alive with his passion and insightful processing of how to apply the power of Real Colors both within an entire organization and the individual work groups.”

| Alan Werner, Vice President of Sales, National Curriculum & Training Institute |

“Eric is a consummate professional who is skilled in many areas of business, communication, and strategy. I had the opportunity to work with Eric several times and have always achieved outstanding results. He has continued to be a supportive business and networking contact and a valued and trusted teaching colleague at St. Ambrose University.”

| Justin Ball, Director of Marketing and Admissions, St. Ambrose University|

“I served on the Gateway Human Resource Association Board of Directors and the Employers Council of Iowa with Eric. Not only did I find him enjoyable to work with, but was impressed with his problem solving abilities and leadership skills.”

| Karen Mallinger, Marketing Specialist, Clinton Regional Development Corp |

“Eric and I served together on the board of a local health agency. I always found Eric’s reflections about the organization and the issues that it faced, and we dealt with as board member, to be well thought out and insightful. His input helped us resolve matters in a fair and meaningful manner. He understands how organizations function, and how to help keep the organization on track to its mission.

| John Ballheim, V.P./Campus Director, Ashford University|

“I have had the privilege of working with Eric, as a fellow board member. Under Eric’s leadership the Gateway HR Chapter (GHRA) won the Merit Award from the Society for HR Management (SHRM), for the second year in a row. Eric truly views HR as a strategic partner, and has mentored many members of GHRA, to help their businesses reach their full potential.”

| Ginger Pingel, Board of Directors, Gateway Human Resource Association|

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