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Leadership Training

All of the topics outlined below can be delivered as a half-day, full-day or multi-day training workshop or as part of a long-term performance and improvement experience. Programs can be delivered that have already been developed or Eric can work with you to create a customized program to meet your unique needs.

Eric Myers created, delivers and can customize the following programs to meet your unique needs:

Inspirational Leadership for The 21st Century

Developing effective leaders in any organization must begin with an understanding of effective leadership characteristics. Leadership is not simply the job function of managing a group or project. Leadership is also about developing a vision, articulating that vision and motivating employees to support a strategy that moves the business forward. Eric can help you develop a solid understanding of leadership so you can begin to identify and develop effective leaders.

Creating a Coaching Culture

Many leaders and employees understand the importance of coaching or mentoring and still fall short of expectations because they don’t have the skills to be effective. Coaching and mentoring are two different approaches and being successful requires the ability to understand their differences and how to execute a successful plan. One of the key questions that is answered in this session is whether a formal or informal plan is the most effective coaching or mentoring approach. Attendees will be challenged to define their approach based on their unique situation, create a route to insure successful coaching or mentoring and develop benchmarks to measure effectiveness.

Change Management

Businesses today have an increased focus on organizational change. Amid this chaos, employees look to their managers and leaders for solutions. Through a broad understanding of change management, businesses can develop an effective proactive change strategy, react to an unplanned change and minimize employee negative reaction. Eric can help organizations manage change in a positive way.

Developing a Culture that Supports Performance Improvement

This topic focuses on how leaders and managers have a responsibility to foster a culture where their direct-reports (and others) feel they are in an environment that supports their performance improvement. The team looks at specific behavior they can utilize to create a culture where everyone feels comfortable with the change required to improve performance.

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