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History has shown that for thousands of years, individuals have immersed themselves into a partnership with an expert in a new skill they would like to master. We have all seen examples in history books where someone has utilized the immersion approach to learning how to be a bricklayer, carpenter or martial artist. In those circumstances, the students often even left home and lived with their mentor. This approach is still used today and is the premise of internships, student teaching and apprentice programs. It is a fundamental truth that this method of learning produces results.

The MBDS immersion coaching process is based on this idea that consistently increasing knowledge and practicing new skills with a coach will help you achieve greater performance.

The MBDS immersion coaching approach results in creative, totally customized programs based on an in-depth familiarity with each individual and organization.

MBDS coaching is a deliberate process, using focused conversations to create an environment that results in individual advancement, purposeful action and sustained performance improvement.

If a high level of success has already been achieved, coaching can help you create a strategy that can stretch your imagination and your abilities to reach levels higher than you ever thought possible.

MBDS coaching can also help prepare you to face challenges that affect you individually, your team or the entire organization. An effective coaching journey can help you create a specific strategy to overcome challenges and inspire you to make the changes needed to succeed.

MBDS Coaching can be utilized for many scenarios. Examples include:

  • Individuals with prior success need help to return their performance to acceptable levels that meet company expectations.
  • High performing individuals seek preparation to reach for even higher levels of performance.
  • Individuals need outside help to overcome specific challenges they face with their own behavior or with their interactions with others.
  • An overall development strategy can be enhanced by adding a one-on-one coaching approach.
  • Many other scenarios where development requires a customized targeted solution.

Eric Myers is a Certified Master Coach who provides results-driven performance improvement plans that help individuals achieve their goals. For over 20 years Eric has worked with senior leaders to help them create strategies that improve their individual and team performance.

Eric understands the psychology of success and helps clients define and exceed their goals. Eric is highly skilled at intuitively understanding the challenges facing each individual and understands that one solution does not fit every situation. Based on insight gained in the coaching sessions, Eric then draws on his experience and develops a targeted, customized plan for helping individuals improve their performance.

The result is increased individual performance and a positive impact on the organization.
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