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Management Training

All of the topics outlined below can be delivered as a half-day, full-day or multi-day training workshop or as part of a long-term performance and improvement experience. Programs can be delivered that have already been developed or Eric can work with you to create a customized program to meet your unique needs.

Eric Myers created, delivers and can customize the following programs to meet your unique needs:

First Time Supervisors

Employers today have increased their level of filling positions with internal candidates. This has created opportunity for many individuals to move into supervisory roles. The challenge for many new supervisors is that they receive little or no training to transition into their new supervisory role. It is important for new supervisors to receive training that prepares them to begin their supervisory career with a key set of skills. This workshop covers areas such as legal issues, personnel and company policy, supervising individuals who were recently peers, basic supervisory and management skills, building credibility, asking for help and interpersonal techniques.

Front Line Management

Managers are responsible for maintaining effectiveness in both processes and people. Eric can help your managers understand techniques that balance accountability with empowerment in a manner that results in improved, consistent outcomes.

Developing a Cooperative Environment With Other Managers

This program focuses on understanding the importance of each manager taking responsibility for improving relationships with other managers. This session begins by having managers define how others should approach them to elicit cooperation. The team is then challenged to learn ten new techniques they can utilize to approach other managers to elicit their cooperation.

Team Building and Motivating Others On a Budget

Budget constraints have impacted the amount of training activities in many organizations. Leaders are realizing that the lack of training is resulting in less engaged employees, loss of team spirit and decreased motivation. This session provides information on how leaders can regain their team and motivate their employees within their limited resources.

Behavioral Interviewing Techniques

Evaluating candidates during the interviewing process can be an intimidating task. Organizations have a difficult time placing the appropriate level of importance on the correct benchmarks. Understanding how to determine important evaluation benchmarksĀ is a crucial starting point to improving interviewing skills. Eric can help businesses establish those benchmarks and then teach attendees how to conduct effective behavioral interviews.

Conflict Management

The focus of this program helpsĀ attendees understand the definition of conflict, analyze different levels of conflict and examine how to effectively address difficult situations. This includes a strong focus on how to effectively handle very emotional situations in a calm and productive manner that maintains positive relationships.

Leading Remote Employees

Businesses today are competing in a national and global marketplace. To remain competitive, many businesses are locating employees in strategic areas to serve their clients. The idea of managing remote employees can be a daunting task and there are very specific techniques that are learned in this workshop that can improve the relationship and performance with those employees.

Developing a Culture that Supports Behavioral Change

This topic focuses on how leaders and managers have a responsibility to foster a culture where their direct-reports (and others) feel they are in an environment that supports their performance improvement. The team looks at specific behavior they can utilize to create a culture where everyone feels comfortable with the change required to improve performance.

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