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Real Colors

All of the topics outlined below can be delivered as a half-day, full-day or multi-day training workshop or as part of a long-term performance and improvement experience. Programs can be delivered that have already been developed or Eric can work with you to create a customized program to meet your unique needs.

As a Real Colors® Certified Facilitator, Eric can facilitate the following programs:

The Real Colors® Fundamentals Workshop

Real Colors® is based on the idea that everyone has a unique personality that is illustrated through four colors: Blue, Gold, Orange and Green. Real Colors® helps you understand your own behavior and the behavior of others based on the color that identifies each personality. This workshop is presented in a fun and interactive format that helps attendees:

  • Find their personal strengths.
  • Understand the strengths of others.
  • Adjust their behavior for improved relationships.

The Real Colors®, Real Leadership

The Real Colors®, Real Leadership is designed to successfully and strategically allow participants to use leadership concepts whenever they find themselves in a leadership role. A consistent message conveyed throughout the course is that anyone can be a leader, at any time. With the addition of the information learned in this workshop, participant’s ability to communicate and understand the strengths and perspectives of individuals with Colors different from their own will improve significantly. The training will help participants recognize each Color’s leadership strengths, and assist them in developing a plan to successfully lead each Color. An effective leader can successfully communicate with, motivate, respect, influence, and understand the unique perspective of each Color. The strength of a great leader is not in dictating the process of creating success, but rather in allowing each Color to use the process in their own way to create success. This workshop explores each of these successful leadership concepts and more. Participants in this workshop will:

  • Understand the leadership strengths of each Color.
  • Identify their own leadership strengths.
  • Compare and contrast how each Color prefers to be led.
  • Develop a plan on how to motivate and lead the other colors.

The Real Colors®, Real Issues Workshop

The Real Issues workshop provides specific techniques that can help individuals recognize how the four different temperaments or “colors” react to life’s challenges and how to provide appropriate encouragement and support for each.

Participants work on building confidence, improving communication skills and developing a greater appreciation for other’s contribution. In this workshop participants will:

  • Identify situations that could cause a loss of confidence or behavior changes in themselves and others.
  • Learn to appreciate the different styles and strengths of their coworkers.
  • Learn to recognize when different behavior could be the result of challenges in an individual’s life.
  • Learn how others are motivated and best nurtured.
  • Develop a personal action plan for motivating themselves and others.

The Real Colors® Real Teams Workshop

In order to have a successful team, individuals need to be able to see, understand and appreciate the strengths of each team member, determine as a group how to use these to their best advantage, and then work together to reach their goal. In this workshop, participants will:

  • Discover their personal strengths and those of their team members.
  • Understand the intrinsic value that different points of view bring to a team.
  • Learn to work effectively with all team members.
  • Learn how to blend a group of individuals into a team.
  • Learn how to effectively motivate individuals on a team.
  • Learn to coach and facilitate other team members’ growth.

The Real Colors®, Real Stress Workshop

This workshop allows participants to identify and address the stressors in their workplace and learn key coping skills. In this workshop participants will:

  • Identify the things that cause them stress, and learn how they behave when stressed.
  • Discover what causes other people stress and how they behave when stressed.
  • Learn about the positive role stress plays in life.
  • Identify effective coping strategies.
  • Learn why one stress management plan or technique will not work for everyone.
  • Develop a personal stress management plan.
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