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Sales Training

All of the topics outlined below can be delivered as a half-day, full-day or multi-day training workshop or as part of a long-term performance and improvement experience. Programs can be delivered that have already been developed or Eric can work with you to create a customized program to meet your unique needs.

Eric Myers created, delivers and can customize the following programs to meet your unique needs:

Sales Basic Training

This program provides a foundation of attributes that all sales representatives must master before they can move on to higher level selling techniques. Even the most seasoned sales veteran can benefit from a renewed focus on the building blocks of sales success. Less experienced sales representatives will have a valuable opportunity to learn critical attributes early in their sales career. Crucial attributes such as integrity, accountability, tenacity, work ethic, product knowledge and follow-through will be reviewed and reinforced.

Relationship Selling

The businesses that are achieving sales growth in today’s marketplace have representatives who understand that Relationship Selling is the key to long-term success. Eric can provide your sales representatives the tools needed to transition to being highly effective at establishing client relationships that lead to long-term, highly-profitable clients.

Solutions-Based Selling

Today’s competitive marketplace leaves many businesses searching for a solution that will help them gain clients who will pay higher prices for their products and services. Solutions-Based Selling strategy is a methodology that focuses on understanding the prospect and customer needs first and then customizing services and products that provide specific solutions to that need. The result is increased sales of higher margin clients.

New Business Development

Businesses must continue to gain new clients and grow sales volume in order to remain viable. This model provides a review of the fundamental challenges created by businesses who accept a lack of new business growth, and then offers training that will prepare sales representatives to incorporate a successful prospect data-base system and cold calling techniques into their sales strategy.

Team Selling

Team Selling is a methodology that provides benefit-based solutions for prospects and current clients through the involvement of multiple employees during and after the sale. This program can prepare your business to offer clients and prospects creative team selling solutions that result in solid client relationships and increased sales volume.

Prospecting Techniques

Successful sales representatives must master the art of prospecting. This focus reviews methods for researching and analyzing prospective customers, developing prospect categories, contacting new prospects, first time meetings and maintaining a successful database. Motivation to prospect is an important part of this concept.

Incremental Sales

Many sales representatives do not have the skills necessary to maintain effective client relationships after a sale. The result is that many businesses miss opportunities to increase sales volume with current clients and often sales volume even declines. Avoiding this trend requires a high level of determination, professionalism and training. Eric can prepare your sales representatives to maintain positive client relationships that result in increased sales volume with current clients.

Trade Shows

Every business must realize that the old method of attending trade shows only as a social event and community involvement is a thing of the past. This program can help your business create an effective strategy to attend trade shows with a plan that results in developing new client partnerships and growing sales.

Negotiation Techniques

The difference between success and failure is often the ability to negotiate successfully. The old methods of negotiating for a “winner” and “loser” are no longer effective. Attendees of this workshop will understand how to negotiate with peers, employees and outside sources in a manner that fosters positive partnerships.

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