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The Elevator Speech That Can Take Me To The Top Floor!

The last time I gave an elevator speech I walked away convinced that the other person left the conversation with no idea of what I REALLY do. Instead of soaring to the top floor, it was more like someone turned the buttons sideways and I was going nowhere fast! Our conversation sounded something like this:

What do you do?

“I am an executive coach, strategist and consultant”

What does that mean?

“I help individuals and companies improve their level of success”

If my goal was a generic answer, I hit a home run! Hopefully my elevator speech actually sounded better than this and I am being critical of myself. I still believe the content missed the target and does not explain what I REALLY do. This prompted me to really challenge myself and think about how I will answer this question in the future. I created the outline below that is what I actually do and I plan to create a new elevator speech that shoots me to the top floor the next time I am asked, “What do you do?”

I am a proven strategist with a history of creating organizational excellence by offering highly specialized services such as:


  • Advancing executive and organizational success by:
  • Handling highly sensitive situations with discretion.
  • Creating strategy for executive leadership development and providing on-going results-focused coaching.
  • Guiding executives through conflict resolution.
  • Providing interim leadership during executive search or on-going gap.
  • Facilitating strategic planning and resolving critical decisions that impact organizational resilience.
  • On-going strategy execution and counsel for organizational challenges.
  • Determining effective organizational structure that maximizes resources and overall effectiveness.
  • Identifying areas of improvement and change management implementation.
  • Providing operational support for critical board directives.
  • Analyzing organizational cultural and creating refinement strategy.


  • Improving individual and team effectiveness by:
  • Creating coaching strategy and providing on-going individual coaching.
  • Development of leadership professionalism, communication, presentation skills and overall advancement plans.
  • Assisting with resolving current leadership challenges.
  • Providing assessments, goal setting and individual strategy for success.
  • Creating and executing a strategy to improve teamwork.
  • Resolving team conflict.


  • Analysis and refinement of sales strategy to achieve growth.
  • Refinement of overall branding, product positioning and company marketing.


  • Creation and delivery of highly-customized leadership, sales, communication, management and employee training.

See you on the top floor!

For more details about my sales solutions training, coaching or strategy, please visit http://www.myersbds.com or contact me at eric@myersbds.com or 563-340-7600.

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