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Could you be less than a millimeter move away from achieving your goals?


Take a moment right now and think about something that you really want to achieve and have yet to accomplish. What are the roadblocks that are in the way?

Are those roadblocks really immovable or is your mindset getting in the way? We often feel overwhelmed because we are focused on the size of the roadblock. Because we see the roadblock as something huge, we feel that a huge change is the only way to move forward.

The result is that we never move closer to achieving our goal because the change we perceive is required feels insurmountable.

What if a less than a millimeter move could change everything?

I spent many years working in the four-color, catalog printing industry. This printing process is inherently flawed and has many challenges.

Paper goes through the press at 1,000 feet per minute through an incredibly complicated machine that is putting ink on the paper. The images on the paper are made up of color dots that are too small to see without a magnifying glass. Success is largely based on the ability to hold a tolerance that requires all dots to align within one half of a dot, which is 0.04 millimeters! The difference of 0.04 millimeters results in the images being either in or out of focus and determines the client satisfaction.

The other nuance that affects the level of success is that there is a constant tendency for the dots to move out of tolerance and it requires constant monitoring. When the dots are out of tolerance, the solution is to make an extremely small change. A huge change is just too much for the equipment to handle without creating more problems and moving the dots even further out of tolerance.

Achieving success in printing is based on keeping the images in focus by making small moves!

This idea of making small changes to succeed is often what I call a “fundamental truth” in most aspects of our lives. Unfortunately, instead of focusing on small moves, we often focus on huge moves or take an “all or nothing” approach.

Just like the printing process, resisting making too big of a move may actually help you stay focused and succeed.

Now lets revisit what you thought about a moment ago that you want to accomplish.

Instead of focusing on the roadblocks, it is time to identify the small moves you can make to achieve the next level of success!

Success could be a small, 0.04 millimeter change away!

Need help with this process? For a complimentary phone call to hear how I can help, contact me at eric@myersbds.com or 563-340-7600. You can also visit my website at www.myersbds.com.

I have directed many individuals towards success through my coaching process by helping them identify the small moves they can make that result in huge changes.

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